Human Pharmacy

alongside the antiblastic drug units.

Human Pharmacy is the web application that coordinates and manages the entire life cycle of antiblastic drugs.

The system supports the antiblastic path from the clinical prescription phase to the administration, up to handling of the company warehouses.

The platform runs

  • Scheduling of daily activities;
  • Planning of the set-up phases well in advance of the day of therapy (thanks to real time prescriptions availability);
  • Matching between prescription and drugs, thinners and materials used;
  • Warehouse and unloading stocks for cost centers (thanks to the interface with the system company information);
  • Dispensing of medicines;
  • Working load of the hood boxes;
  • Workflow documentation:
    • Processing sheet;
    • Picking lists
    • Bag
    • Transport document
    • Transport bag
    • Transit temperature and data logger
  • Gravimetric balance interface;
  • Label with unique identification code for bags and syringes (barcode, QR code, rfid);
  • Residue management and overfilling;
  • Operators exposure;
  • Active ingredients under AIFA monitoring;
  • Administrative flows (F file, T file, R file, electronic recipe, etc…);
  • Statistics and reports.

Pharmacists can

  • Have native integration with operational units applicants;
  • Eliminate potential errors caused by manual operations and / or incorrect interpretations;
  • Have high standards of control and traceability guaranteed;
  • Reduce clinical risk and adverse events;
  • Qualitatively improve provided performance.

The patients receive

  • Continuous support of the pharmacist;
  • Qualified and controlled support;
  • Maximum level of security.