About You

A monitoring, supporting and sharing system always active.

About you is the web application which allows the health team (medical and nursing) to continue the clinical care activity at home, improving the process of treatment and quality of life.

The system allows to

  • Share the documentation found in the digital medical record
  • Share reports of the exams made outside of the Healthcare Company
  • Access through the most spread smartphone/tablet platforms (Android and iOS)
  • Connect with some portable monitoring systems using Bluetooth connection
  • Exchange information with the hospital information system

Two possible modes:

    Independent service inside the healthcare company of the patient
    Information system connected to thecompany’s medical record (for example, for patients being discharged, for patients in follow up, or for patients in therapy).

The health workers can

  • Share information and documents with the patient in a simple and fast way (or caregiver);
  • Monitoring the vital signs of the patient and verify the clinical state;
  • Sending reminders to the patient about the therapy or exams to do, or just to remind them the next appointment at the hospital;
  • Submit self-assessment questionnaires to the patient (for example, about their quality of life or about their health state);
  • Answering and intervening with adequate timing and ways thanks to the simultaneity of shared data; Monitoring and supporting home therapies for a timely evaluation of any toxic/side effects or adverse drug reactions;
  • Record the activities performed at patient’s home;
  • Giving access to the general practitioner in order to contribute to the monitoring and updating of the patient’s clinical picture.

The patient / caregiver can

  • Maintain an always active “direct line” with the medical and nursing team;
  • Manage health through active and constant collaboration;
  • Receive important support for himself and his family;
  • Access information at any time with any device (smartphone, tablet, desk).