Human Hematology

to support the path / transplant

Hematology is the web application that provides support and continuous coordination of healthcare professionals in the entire path of transplantation of stem cells and bone marrow.

The system supports all stages of the process:

  • Choice of the type of transplant
  • Taking charge of the patient and donor
  • Product management
  • Transplant management
  • Post transplant
  • Long-term follow-up

The application runs

  • JACIE documentation;
  • Pre-transplant phase (application, suitability of the recipient, suitability of the donor);
  • Transplantation (conditioning, SAE, SOP specifications, audits, training / insertion of the staff);
  • Follow up and acute late complications;
  • Acute GVHD;
  • Chronic GVHD (diagnosis, staging, evaluation of the response according to 2015 NIH guidelines);
  • The GVHD algorithm is validated for:
    • Core Specific Measures and Global Rating with separate doctor and patient assessments;
    • Ancillary measures;
    • First line and subsequent therapy;
    • Measurement of outcomes.

Algorithm available on Play Store and iTunes: TTRAC APP – Transplant Treatment Response Analysis for cGVHD (NIH 2015).


  • Joint Accreditation Committee ISCT-Europe & EBM (JACIE)
  • NIH 2015 guidelines (acute GVHD, Chronic GVHD, diagnosis, staging)