BiMind BiMind : News en 44th National Congress SIE BiMind snc 19.10.2013 The BiMind is pleased to announce its participation at the 44th National Congress SIE (Italian Society of Haematology) which will be held in Verona, at Veronafiere Congress Centre from 20th to 23rd October 2013.

During the event BiMind will show all the news of its electronic Onco-Haematological clinical record DOSSIER. You will find our consultants at our desk in the exhibition area reserved for companies.]]>
XV AIOM National Congress | 40th Year of Foundation|-40th-year-of-foundation.html BiMind snc|-40th-year-of-foundation.html|-40th-year-of-foundation.html 28.08.2013 On the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Italian Medical Oncology, BiMind is pleased to announce its participation in the XV AIOM National Congress to be held in Milan from 11th to 13th October 2013 at the Fiera Milano Congressi.

During the event will be presented all the news of our electronic patient record DOSSIER. You will find our consultants at our desk in Publishing Area.|-40th-year-of-foundation.html]]>
XXXVIII AIEOP National Congress BiMind snc 07.06.2013 BiMind is pleased to announce its participation in the XXXVIII AIEOP National Congress (Italian Association of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology) to be held in Rome, from 9th to 11th June 2013 at the Angelicum Congress Center .

Main topics of the Congress:

  • Acute myeloid leukemia in the child
  • Wilms tumor
  • What's new in the field of primary immunodeficiencies
  • Sickle cell anemia
  • New drugs in pediatric hematology-oncology
  • The clinical trial in pediatric hematology-oncology
  • Immunotherapy of pediatric cancer]]>
II AIIAO National Congress | Naples May 24th-25th, 2013 BiMind snc 20.05.2013 BiMind is pleased to announce his participation at the 2nd National Congress AIIAO (Italian Association of Nurses in Oncology Area) as sponsor of the event]]>
XIII National Conference AIIC (Italian association of clinical engineers) | Naples on April 11th-12th, 2013|-naples-on-april-11th-12th-2013.html BiMind snc|-naples-on-april-11th-12th-2013.html|-naples-on-april-11th-12th-2013.html 09.04.2013 The BiMind is pleased to announce its participation in the XIII National Conference AIIC, which will be held in Naples on April 11th and 12th, 2013.

During the conference we will present the latest news of our platform, the electronic onco-haematological clincal record Dossier.

The conference will focus on the convergence between medical devices and information technology, in particular the scientific program plans to address:

  • The medical device software in the world
  • What convergence between software and medical device?
  • Management of Medical Devices: Design and responsibility
  • Management of remote data, from cloud computing to home care
  • Comparison of experiences between reality established and innovation
  • ICT in the operating theater
  • The acquisition of health technologies between centralization, aggregation, and spending review

You will find us at the exhibition area No, 7 at booth No 65 of B. Braun.|-naples-on-april-11th-12th-2013.html]]>
The Electronic Clinical record Dossier complies with the recommendations for the prevention of mistakes in therapy BiMind snc 03.12.2012 Since the mistakes in therapies with antineoplastic drugs cause serious damage to the patients, this recommendation is directed particularly to this type of drugs in order to prevent such errors.

The Ministry of Health emphasizes in the prevention of mistakes during treatment with antineoplastic drugs is decisive the role of the health / company management to increase the level of awareness among health care workers and implement improvement actions as the introduction of computer technology, the guarantee of proper working conditions in terms of both structural and managerial resources, which are of major importance.

The possibility of error is present in the whole process of handling antineoplastic drugs: supplying, storage, prescription, preparation, distribution, administration. So it is important to analyze and monitor all phases of the antineoplastic drug chain, but in a special way those in which it is closer the link between the patient, health operator and drug, that is prescription, preparation and administration.

The electronic onco-haematological clinical record dossier complies with these recommendations!

In particular, it has all the essential elements of a safe prescribing by the medical clinic, as shown in Table 1 of the Ministerial Circular (page 9); it integrates with various management software present in hospital pharmacies in order to ensure the smooth passage of information both in the preparation stage and at mounting made, it assists healthcare professionals in the administration phase by controlling the matching drug-patient, the order, the way and the administration times.]]>
Participation at the XIV Congress AIOM BiMind snc 01.10.2012 The BiMind will also be present this year at the annual National Congress of AIOM with the distribution to all participants of the material relating his electronic Onco-Hematological clinical record Dossier.

For more information about the event: XIV Congress AIOM]]>
Dossier-NURSING BiMind snc 30.07.2012 It was released the new module of the electronic onco-hematological clinical record "Dossier", we are talking about the electronic nursing record. This module, the same for all the needs of the department, makes possible to coordinate the activities of nursing, giving the necessary support in the management and care of the patient. In particular, the functions and information managed are:

  • Treatment
  • Admission
  • Norton index
  • Medical History at entrance
  • Heritage peripheral venous
  • Central Venous Access (management and evaluation)
  • TIQ
  • Assistance Diary
  • Monitoring

Also it is under construction a project evolution, with the phased approach according to the model Marjory Gordon that includes:

  • the Ascertainment (usage of functional health patterns of M. Gordon)
  • the Planning (choice of diagnosis - NANDA, in order of priority to the needs of the patient)
  • the choice of interventions (NIC)
  • the Control of the achievement of objectives (NOC)
  • the Implementation
  • the Management of discharging
  • the Assessment]]>
Smart kit for cancer and cystic fibrosis BiMind snc 02.07.2012 Will be soon marketed a kit of the Myriapod® line, innovative in its kind, that will be able to make or confirm the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis by identifying the 80 mutations responsible for disease.

Myriapod® is the device manufactured by the Italian company DiatechPharmacogenetics, and of its line are already on the market kits to identify the most suitable drugs of last generation (the most suitable for chemotherapy, radiotherapy, biological and toxic) for the treatment of colon and lung cancer.

At the base of the Diatech Pharmacogenetics kits there is the platform 'Sequenom' (developed by a Californian partner company) and the software iGenetics® developed by BiMind.

In the coming months, the most prestigious Italian diagnostic centers will buy the platform Myriapod®.

More info]]>
BiMind is sponsor of the 8th edition of EPR BiMind snc 12.03.2012 An event aimed in particular to Directors and ICT Managers of healthcare facilities, to be held at Humanitas Congress Centre in Milan, on 27 March 2012.

This event will discuss how to achieve the Electronic Clinical Record and the Electronic Health Record, will be compared several solutions already adopted by some health facilities, will be able to meet health facilities Director, ICT Manager and to abtain further operational and technical information on how comply with legal requirements related to Privacy.

During the convention in the session at 13:40 will be shown the experience of Opsedali Riuniti of Ancona in the use of Onco-Haematological clinical record DOSSIER.]]>